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2015 Memories

  • A special thank you to all the committee members for their hard work on an absolutely amazing and "memorable" weekend. Miss Patti O. (along with all the speakers) ignited my soul with her amazing story and with her sharing of her experience, strength, & hope. Her sharing of what this program has done for her in transforming her belief that she was the center of the universe ~ to her belief today that she is here to be of service to those in the universe ~ ignited a part of my soul that makes me want to be of service to those around me. Thank you Patti, Karl, Steve, Roger, & Michael. .. ... Sincerely. Dennis B.

  • I have had a experience that I have a new found believe in God made human mistakes however own my issue and weeded my garden! You are not able to do it alone! 


 In honor of the 1st Annual Rule 62 Rendezvous we thought it would be nice to hear from some of the fellowship who attended this year. We all hope how participating in Rule 62 will touch our lives and affect our sobriety and we would like to capture some of those life changing experiences and share them with other attendees. We are asking you to send in your Rule 62 Rendezvous Memory. Our plan is to compile these memories each year and each year have them available to be shared to others. The spirit of anonymity wil be preserved. We believe that something truly amazing this year at Rule 62 Rendezvous when a multitude of sober alcoholics come together to share this weekend long experience and celebrate sobriety. We thank each and everyone of you for your contribution to RUle 62 Rendezvous and we look forward to reading your stories.

Criteria :
• 300-400 words
• Appropriate language
• First name and last initial only (optional)
• City/Homegroup/Sobriety Date (optional)
• E mail by clicking  HERE  fill out the info with you memory and click submit or mail legible hand written or typed copy to:

Rule 62 Rendezvous

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Jan. 16,17 & 18th, 2015

Speakers : Patti O., Karl M., Michael D., Roger B., Steve L.

Jan. 15,16 & 17th, 2016

Speakers : Kent C. Mari G. Jeff V.

​Don L. Roger B.

Jan, 13,14 & 15, 2017

Speakers : Karl M. Rich B. Steve L. 

Don L. Carla R. Earl H. Polly P.