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What do we DO....

           ...and WHY do we do it????

The A.A. Woodstock of N.D.

Rule 62 Rendezvous is a unique AA conference, with one primary purpose—

                                                             to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers.

It is an occasion to share the fellowship and to carry the message of AA.

Woodstock is the term of art for an emerging convention format where speakers share in-depth about their experience with a particular step in the twelve-step process.

The focus of Rule 62 is the twelve step recovery process and the principles of the twelve traditions necessary to maintain this gift. Through the shared experience of some of our fellowships best communicators, they relate their stories to a specific step or tradition so as to broaden the experience of all that attend, themselves included.

It's a workshop on a grand scale, in an unusual venue with a laser like focus on our recovery program. It is experience, strength, hope and fun.

All Rule 62 monies generated from the registration fees will be used to pay the expenses of the conference.

After all expenses have been paid any remaining funds will be used to build a prudent reserve of 1 year’s expenses, after which any excess money will be donated to AA (GSO, Area & District).

We observe all AA's principles and Traditions.

                                                                             We hope to see you all there

                                                                                  Rule 62 Rendezvous Committee.