How Do I register

why do I have to pay



1) Click on REGISTER NOW below the RULE62 license plate on any page or click Pre-registration in the gray menu bar on the right of the page.

2) This will take you to our ticket platform TICKET SPICE. Fill out the Registration form completely.

3) Payment will be needed during this time to complete registration. 

4) You will have the option to print your ticket or use the mobile ticket option. (We suggest printing out your ticket at this time)

5) Patiently wait for January to come and come join us in Fellowship of the Spirit.

See you in January!

A common misconception regarding AA conferences and conventions is that they are regular AA meetings. While parts of this conference have a similar format to regular AA meetings, Rule 62 Rendezvous is not a regular meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. Rule 62 Rendezvous is a special AA event with Al-Anon participation. Rule 62 Rendezvous is self-supporting; no contributions from AA groups are used to pay for this event. Expenses such as hotel fees, travel and lodging for the speakers, and printed material are paid through registration fees. As stated in our Seventh Tradition, "We are fully self-supporting thru our own contributions".

•Registration badges must be worn in the hotel at all times
•Parking restrictions for fire lanes and safety will be enforced
•Smoking prohibited in all area except for designated smoking areas
•Swimming pool use by registered hotel guests only
From the Committee of Rule 62 Rendezvous  

The Committee will provide an increased level of security at this year's Rendezvous, including uniformed security personnel on sleeping floors of the hotel and in the elevators. There will also be a firm eviction policy with respect to disruptive behavior. We trust that these security efforts will encourage you to attend Rule 62 Rendezvous and reassure you that everything is being done to make your weekend stay at the Radisson Hotel Bismarcka most enjoyable one.

* NO VENDORS will be allowed to sell items or services without written authorization from the Rule 62 Rendezvous Committee

 One registration fee admits a member of AA, AFG, or Alateen to all Roundup activities. Registration fee payments may be made by cash, check or money order.

For questions and more information please contact Brent @ (218) 779-1877​
13 and older  $75.00